The Dojo "Isshinkan" in Okinawa invites you to learn

Defensive techniques "Goshinkai-Ju-Jutsu"

The techniques of "Aikido"

The techniques of "Ken-Jutsu"

To practice health exercises "Kenko Taïso"

Ask your information at this address:

996 Kochi  Nishihara-cho  
Nakagami-gun   OKINAWA   903-0116

Phone:  080 1940 2718

Practice these martial arts to increase and maintain your physical and mental health

GOSHINKAI-JU-JUTSU :  Defense and fighting techniques standing and on the ground to find peace

AIKIDO : Union of energies to be peaceful and dynamic

KEN-JUTSU : Goshinkai School Sword Techniques

KENKO TAISO : Exercises to Increasing and maintaining health

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