Goshinkai Soke and Representative Isshinkan Dojo

Alain Guingois is a Soke of Goshinkai School. He loves martial arts so much since he was a child, he travels for learning judo, kung-fu, ju-jutsu and kenjutsu, etc, in all over the world. In 1989, he founds Goshinkai School in France. He found Isshinkan dojo with Rika in Okinawa now. He tries to develop Goshinkai-Ju-Jutsu in Japan and all over the world.


4th Dan, Yoshinkan Aikido Rika Nakaema has learned Aikido from Jacques Payet for 10 years in Mugenjuku Kyoto. She has been teaching Aikido in Mugenjuku since 2014. She also has experiences to teach in foreign countries, Qutar and San Diego, USA.