Intensive instructor course

In order to develop Goshinkai-Ju-Jutsu and Yoshinkan Aikido Isshinkan Dojo organizes intensives courses that will allow you to teach the techniques of Goshinkai school.

     Step in the training course:

Whatever your choice, you will have to start with the first training as follows the below. In order to have a real and a complete training.

1)  1 month: Trainer assistant. (6 hours a day) "Shidoin Hossa"

2)  additional 2 months: Trainer (6 hours per day) "Sempaï"

3)  additional 2 months: Instructor. (6 hours a day) "Senseï"


Whatever their experiences in Martial Arts, trainees will study all programs from basic movements to advanced techniques and free style techniques.

For those who have experience more than 4 years  in martial arts, it will be possible to access the level of  "Shodan". 

Those who have experience between 2 and 3 years , they will be able to reach the level of "1st kyu" brown belt.

Students with no experience in Martial Arts will also pass an entrance test:
General knowledge of Martial Arts - Basic Fitness - Motivation .

Students will also discover the relation among these different sectors:

Goshinkai-Ju-Jutsu / Yoshinkan Aikido / Ken-Jutsu / Defense / Free style techniques / Ethics (moral discipline) / Self-study / Philosophy / Dietetics and Healthy life.

     1st session (1 month) Trainer assistant :

Programs for children and adults until 1st Kyu

Pedagogy / Anatomy / Physical training.

Test for the 1st Kyu (brown belt).

     2nd session (2 months) Trainer :

Programs 1st Kyu / Shodan / 1st part of the Nidan.

Pedagogy / Self-study /

Test for Shodan (black belt)

     3rd session (2 months) Instructeur  :        

Programmes Nidan / Sandan.

Test pour le Nidan.

     Course fees:

One month of teaching for the program is 60,000 Yen per month.

Applicants must pay their tuition at one time and be paid before the beginning of the following month.

     Additional fees: 

 Test 1st kyu 8.000 Yens  

 Test Sho-Dan Test 15,000 Yens 

 Test Ni-Dan 22,000 Yens

  Rules :

Trainees must always have an appropriate attitude. Goshinkai-ju-jutsu and Aikido is not a competition, there is no competition between students.

Whatever your level, you must be at the dojo 10 minutes before the start of classes to clean the dojo and prepare everything necessary for the class. It's part of the training.

This training must allow you to challenge yourself to find your limits and learn to overcome them.